complementary color scheme.... COLOR/EMOTION investigations.....

emotion: pleasure effect; looks like the model within the photograph is moving. Gives the onlooker the feeling of being intoxicated or on a certain drug.

Another - bundenko photo & collage artist #glitch

Another - bundenko print & collage artist - is this glitch art or just the aesthetic?

Glitch Square Photoeffect #design Download:

Glitch Square Photoeffect

Glitch Square Photoeffect by philiplueck What’s in the PSD 300 DPI RGBeasy to edit smart object featureI made the .psd as easy as pos

Bright Colored Silouettes In Vintage Photography t by Hayley Warnham « Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design

I like these digital collage works from British artist Hayley Warnham. Solid, bright color meets vintage and personal photography in the pictures, which capture a nostalgic, innocent vibe. The use of flat color with found photography evokes the wor

ak/m: 80s meta\ph/ch\oric exp\><\  Greg Adamski

Photographer: Greg Adamski Stylist/Designer: Alicja Antoszczyk Model: Zosia N (AvantModels) Makeup: Magda Koriat (Cocaain - Makeup Artist & Stylist) Hair: Alan Dąbrowski (Jaga Hupało Create Team) Post: Lukas Strociak Retouching.