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My concept is expression of my personal relationship with textil. I love textil art and I can‘t live a day without it. I made a composition of seven, as there are days in week, dry slides of bread, six of them processing by textil techniques and the seven…

For Slovakian textile lover Terézia Krnáčová, thread is as important as air or food. To honor this obsession, she created Everyday Bread, a simple project in which she elaborately stitches and weaves thread into slices of bread.

Origami Dreams - Etienne Adolphe Piot (1850 - 1910)

Etienne Adolphe Piot Origami Dreams Oil on Canvas, x cm

Conal Deeney - layered frames

This is an art installation, but a trip to the thrift store for frames, a ball of twine, and some pages pulled from an art book and you've DIY 'd this!Why not use family pictures for an unusual photo display

How to Make Art: Screen Printing Party + Permaset Ink Discount Code!

I drew up a new design for screen printing last week, and it's based on my Grandpa's camera from the I have really been lovi.

Original Painting on tiny canvas 3x3 Art for fun girls by AnaGonzalezArt

Original Painting on tiny canvas Art for fun girls by AnaGonzalezArt

© Annegret Soltau, "Grima mit Katze", 1989

A whole new spin on crazy cat lady © Annegret Soltau, "Grima mit Katze", 1989

by dailypoetics, via Flickr

collage work: by dailypoetics

Laura Bell

Laura Bell painting: excellent inspiration for callograph printmaking or just recycled-item abstract printmaking! An Urban Art District favorite!

Jeremy Hush

art-and-fury: Droning Glow - Jeremy Hush

Marynn / http://marynn-up.blogspot.fr/

Marynn / http://marynn-up.blogspot.fr/