Swap Meet, detail 4,2012 40” X 36” X 1” Materials: Vinyl/metal framed panels, acrylic, thread, micro beads, flocking powder, velvet, vinyl Technique: Painted, free motion embroidery, micro beading, mixed techniques Viewers are able to rearrange the panels and create infinite combinations

Leisa Rich Swap Meet detail 4 - interaction art - viewer can remove and change up any panel of choice, thereby morphing the piece into multiple configurations - interesting concept

nava lubelski: stained paper and thread



Day Dreams by Nava Lubelski x thread on stained canvas Asheville artist Nava Lubelski's work explores themes of stains, spoilage.


In keeping with my interest in compulsive, repetitive artwork I somehow came across Nava Lubelski. I can’t remember where I found her work as she was a recent bookmark but regardless I’…