simple, minimal, fresh color palette.   Love the way it is represented !!!!!

A few people who have come to the house have asked me about my paint color selection. I think to many people choosing a paint color can be a little daunting with the whole rainbow of paint chips to choo

Roos van Dijk

City drawings

City drawings, a healthy sketchbook practice. It's cool to create an abundance of sketches from anything really.


mixed media drawing by Niki Pilkington : The bold color jump out at you against the sparse penciled images, and she somehow manages to make it look like her delicate figures are actually grasping the little paper goods that jut from her pages.

the blues...

clothespins-This would make a nice graphic for art (or even wallpaper) in a mid century modern take on a boy's room.


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fashion sketchbook drawings, fashion moodboard, fashion design development and final fashion knitwear collection Developing a project inspiration

Harley Ellis Fashion Futures sketchbook

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