Page from Tea for Two AS Art sketchbook.

I like the use of half black and white half colour on some drawings cup on top of each other and the writting in between drawings - nice full page

Egon Schiele. This makes me think of Kafka's The Hunger Artist.

Egon Schiele Standing Male Nude with a Red Loincloth painting for sale - Egon Schiele Standing Male Nude with a Red Loincloth is handmade art reproduction; You can shop Egon Schiele Standing Male Nude with a Red Loincloth painting on canvas or frame.

Messina, Italy Artist: David Cambria

Messina, Italy artist Davide Cambria

Egon Schiele. Self portrait. Schiele might be my favorite portrait painter.

Self-Portrait Egon Schiele. FYI he was homies with Gustav Klimt and died tragically at 28 from the Spanish Flu, 3 days after his pregnant wife also passed.

Robert Rauschenberg - Collage.

Robert Rauschenberg: Tate Modern to host first UK exhibition of painter's work for 35 years

Robert Rauschenberg Estate Oil and silkscreen on canvas 1963 In the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia PA.

I think it was out trip to the Modern last year that really got me liking Rauschenberg. It is amazing how some art pops out at you at different periods of your life.

Known for his collage and Combine paintings, Robert Rauschenberg is one the most inspiring and enduring Modern artists of all time.

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Work with shading with color.

#Graphic Depictions Of Our Society’s Obsession With #Food #BigMac #FastFood #Art #HeartAttack #McDonalds

Graphic Depictions Of Our Society's Obsession With Food

☆ Artist Rachel Rickert ☆

☆ Artist Rachel Rickert ☆ /// eating to kill concept gummy bears or gingerbread men

Yuichi Ikehata – Surreal sculptures & photography (Japan)

Yuichi Ikehata’s Sculpted Photographs. Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata sculpts disintegrating body parts, photographs them and then manipulates them using various programs resulting in truly haunting.