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With the Body Dynamics System of Healthy Weight Management.we encourage clients to riot.not diet.get off the scale, love the body you have and make it the best.

No Sexism Racism Ableism Homophobia Fatphobia Transphobia or general hatefullness allowed | Anonymous ART of Revolution

No: Sexism Racism Ableism Homophobia Fat phobia Transphobia or general hate fullness ALLOWED. You will be asked to leave.

Body Positive Pug

I am beautiful and if you try to tell me otherwise I will pee on all of your things. (Ain't that the truth!

Girl Power.

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(Incorrectely attributed to Sylvia Plath) "Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out." Porphyria R’lyeh

Damn right.

Grandma Always Was a Rebel. Fuck the Police Tattoo and Huge Savings at Walmart: I guess when you are looking for a bargain you are kind of a rebel already.

this is excellent

Fat is not a feeling. Fat is not a measure of health. It is not a measure of worth. It is not a measure of beauty. It is not a measure of success.

LITERALLY third wave feminism in an infographic. Dress for yourself, dress for women, dress for men.dress for whoever you like.