Citrus Series oil on canvas by Dennis Wotjkiewicz .. paints the seeds, veins, translucent flesh, color tones etc. .. large-scale ..

Dennis Wojtkiewicz’s Fruit Paintings

Citrus Series by Dennis Wotjkiewicz. Photorealistic fruit paintings Dennis Wojtkiewicz took his still-life paintings to another level when he decided to work with fruit. Attracted to the inside of pieces of everyday fruit—the seeds, veins, and the transl

Blog de loisirs créatifs : couture, déco, bricolage, broderie, cuisine, dessin, etc.

The Geometric trend is showing up everywhere with shapes and patterns in home decor, artwork, jewelry and more! Easy DIY craft tutorial ideas to inspire.

Petri dishes with crocheted mould colonies by Elinart.

Embroidered petri dishes by Elin Thomas. I know what I'm making for my lab coordinator at school for Christmas.

The Daily Dish 2013 — Amazing petri dish painting by Klari Reis

The Daily Dish 2013 — Amazing petri dish painting by Klari Reis. These are amazing examples of beautiful color palettes.

Eight Glass Jars by Gary Cody, 2003 | oil on canvas on board, 48 x 24 inches

LOVE this, but painting all those reflections and transparencies in 100 shades of off-white and glass green would drive me nuts. (Eight Glass Jars by Gary Cody)

Grayson Perry, Map of Truths and Beliefs (detail)

Grayson Perry at the British Museum In a sort of treasure hunt that questions the concept of civilisation, Perry's new works are ensconced among the objects in the museum's permanent collections. Here, Grayson Perry, Map of Truths and Beliefs (detail)

Detail of “La Vitrina Cloud Collection (London),” 2011 (wood, glass, acrylic and solid surface) by Leandro Erlich at Sean Kelly Gallery.

NEW YORK—The biggest news in art this week was the Armory Show at Piers 92 and 94 and when the New York Times featured a photograph 30 Osama bin Laden busts by Wang Du with its coverage, photocopie…

Grayson Perry's tapestries are @VictoriaMiro gallery in London until 11 August

Grayson Perry 'Taste' tapestry, I think this tapestry is great, its very ordinary yet so bright!

Chiharu Shiota, "A Room of Memory," 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

I see a story idea.A creation made from old windows.Chiharu Shiota A Room of Memory 2009 Found windows

KIEV / Tactical archipelago ✪ - LCLA office

Urban Design Map of Kiev, it appears that the creator used illustrator. I was drawn to this diagram due to the beautiful center layout. It almost reminds me of how ink may dribble down as if by accident.

hypochondriac artwork by klari reis

Resin Art, Resin Crafts, Science Art, Art Installations, Inside Human Body, Photography Lessons, Resin Paintings, Glass Art, Gcse 2015

Acrylic Still Life Painting of Bottles - Original Small Painting Wall Art in Purple, Green, Blue

Acrylic Still Life Painting of Bottles - Original Small Painting Wall Art in Purple, Green, Blue - they used different shades of each color to show tone and reflection

ring | { designvagabond } | Flickr

▶▶▶ Ring installation // Arnaud Lapierre distorts and reconstructs reality through the layering of reflections and voids. The cylindrical environment warps visitors' perception of space into a simultaneously reconstructed and deconstructed reality.

Mixed Art by Patrick Bremer

Portraits created with layers of collaged magazines and books on paper by Patrick Bremer (love this art idea for a characterization lesson maybe?