Water lilies by Claude Monet // saw this in person at Museé D'Orsay in Paris

Pink Water Lilies by Claude Monet Blue Water Lilies by Claude Monet Nymphéas, Claude Monet

Roy Lichtenstein making Ben-day Dots, the hallmark of his Pop-art. The Ben-Day dots printing technique dates to 1879. and Benjamin Henry Day, Jr. Ben-day overlay sheets were made in in a variety of sizes. Roy enlarged and exaggerated them in his paintings and sculptures.

Hands of Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein at Work in His Studio

Hands of Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein at Work in His Studio Premium Photographic Print

Collage portrait

Collage portrait I like this work because of the fact that it uses photoshop to…

Saatchi Art Artist Hannah Stone; Painting, "Ghost (Self Portrait)" #art

Ghost (Self Portrait)

Michael Murphy multi-layered 3D sculptures!

Multi-layered sculptures - by Micheal Murphy . Michael Murphy challenges the boundaries between the second and third dimensions in his art. What appears to be a painting is, in fact, a series of dissected layers, forming…

Mixed Media Portraits by Stéphanie Ledoux

Using a variety of different tools including a bic pen, watercolors and Chinese ink, artist Florian Nicolle creates amazing, mixed media portraits.

From Humble Beginnings- Rod Lathim

Keep seeing these from Rod Lathim. From Humble Beginnings- Rod Lathim

Tai-Shan Schierenberg

We are still a world in need of much evolution when the mere fact of turning Adam black immediately strikes as political, and effervescently so. "Adam - The First Man" by Tai-Shen Schierenberg.

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Self-portrait as Janus, 2008 Oil on canvas 183 x . Tai-Shan Schierenberg is a painter of portraits, figures and landscapes.