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a vase full of flowers with the words i put a spell on you over it
Small & Mini Art Prints | Society6
an image of two women kissing in front of a mirror with the words i am my own muse on it
Muse Art Print by Grace Digital Art Co | iCanvas
a woman in a blue dress holding a pink ribbon with the words i was told there would be cake
There Will Be Cake Poster by NDCellist
the poster for girls'night out shows three women in roman dress, one holding a glass
What Happens When You Combine Famous Paintings And Pop Culture: Artist Creates 40 Collages To Answer That Question
a skull with a crown on its head surrounded by gold and red confetti
an artistic photo of a man's head with two skulls on his foreheads
the painting depicts two people reaching out to touch each other
Artist Hilariously Mashes Up Pop Culture With Famous Paintings
a painting of a woman's torso on top of a magazine cover
Emerging Art | Artsy
a painting of a naked woman standing next to a swan in the grass near a lake
Rafal Olbinski, 1945 | Surrealist / Visionary painter