Cindy 365 Notes Challenge (Vol.2)

My notebook is my travelling companion. 1st January 2016 is the beginning of a personal 366 handwritten notes challenge ~ filling it with colour and joy. Where…
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four different types of notebooks with writing on them and pictures of coffee mugs
Showing support for National Doodle Day TODAY in aid of Epilepsy Action.
a note with writing on it that says hello, would you like to meet for a coffee and chat about the exciting possibilities together?
#cindy365notes {page 35 of 366} Get in touch to arrange that VIP coffee date with your favourite brands and people you'd love to #collaborate! Enjoy coffee, chat & see new projects happen.
a notebook with the words what you say matters written in black ink on white paper
{page 34 of 366} What You Say Matters. When I was a kid my Dad ALWAYS said to me "to DO my don't best." And "to NEVER be afraid of hard work!" - I hold those words close to my heart. They're my mantra for my work and personal life alike. As Designers & leaders (of our field & people), sometimes we can blurt out what first comes to mind and don't realise that what we say can limit, or uplift others. #Cindy365Notes
a notepad with a hand drawn on it and a pencil next to it that says, tomorrow's date me put yourself on your calendar
{page 33 of 366} Include yourself in your marketing calendar. Often we forget to treat our own personal (brand) as a worthy client.
a piece of paper with the words be you written in black and white on it
{page 32 of 366} Just 'be you'. Never forget that. We live in a society which dictates who we should be; from what we should think, eat, wear, say and do. I find honesty in people such an attractive quality ~ you're fine the way you are. Don't ever change, please! #Cindy365Notes
a notebook with an image of a pineapple on it and the words stay fruity
page 31 of 366} #cindy365notes Stay fruity fresh!! - I'm currently dreaming of going on holiday, are you too?
a note with the words to do written on it
{page 30 of 366} #cindy365notes What's on your Saturday 'To-do' list? (Tip: make it easy, you'll feel so much better about things)
a drawing of a rabbit in a bucket with the words you're magic written on it
{page 29 of 366} #cindy365notes An idea/thought for the weekend. Create YOUR OWN magic!
a drawing of a bear wearing a party hat
{page 28 of 366} #cindy365notes Pop up and say hello to someone you e not seen for a while. The value of saying hello is priceless.
a notepad with a drawing of a trophy on it and the words for being you
{page 27 of 366} #cindy365notes Yup! It's so true.
a drawing of a heart with stars and lightnings on it next to some markers
{page 26 of 366} #cindy365notes Always save a piece for yourself
a card with the words you rock on it and an image of a geometric design
Missie Cindz
{page 25 of 366} #cindy365notes ...because YOU ROCK!
a notebook with the words you rock written on it and a pen next to it
{page 25 of 366} #cindy365notes ...because YOU ROCK!
a notepad with a drawing of a person holding a heart in front of a laptop
{page 24 of 366} #cindy365notes Make it personal Spread the Love. TAG WHO YOU CARE ABOUT!... Here's an idea: Let's today, Sunday, be all about ❤️. There's too much in the news these days about the flipside of love that seems to be winning. Make today be about spending time with the special peeps in your everyday! ~ take them out for cake, I intend to.
a note written in black ink on top of a piece of paper with the words, your handwriting says alot about you
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Happy National Handwriting Day to all! A personal handwritten note can be one of the sweetest things ever.