Microscopic plant cells. It all comes down to patterns.

Memory can be aided through beauty because it stimulates and encourages memory. 'Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells' emphasises Patterns, texture, colour and can even evoke pattern inspiration.


Medium: Acrylic on board Description This is the final piece of the the three-piece "Scopes" series. This is my interpretation o.

Petri dishes with crocheted mould colonies by Elinart.http://myrustysieve.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/little-something-for-lab-geek-in-your.html

Embroidered petri dishes by Elin Thomas. I know what I'm making for my lab coordinator at school for Christmas.

cell organisms 1929

Anatomy of Plant Cells by Frederic Elfving 1929 “ Biologists are fascinated by the processes of life in all its forms. They study microscopic cells, vast ecosystems, and everything in between.


in Nature Laura Katherine McMillan. Size: 9 pieces, Medium: Machine and Hand Embroidery in Petri Dishes Year Made: 2010 Cell Series

Cell inspired ceramic tiles

Year 10 – Cell inspired ceramic tiles

Great clay project, possible possible link with science Cell inspired ceramic tiles


My mixed media work based on microscopic cells. Great cross-curricular project with science!

Petri dish paintings.

Daily Petri Dish

For every day in 2013 San Francisco based artist Klari Reis will be creating art using epoxy resins within the confines of plexiglass petri dishes for a project called The Daily Dish,

Visualising the Cell Nucleus -- Anatomia Vegetal 1929, pub. by FE Wachsmuth a by peacay, via Flickr

cells 1929 Visualising the Cell Nucleus — Anatomia Vegetal pub. by FE Wachsmuth (by peacay) neuraldamage

A-level work @ Highcrest Academy - based on mould, cells and Petri dishes.

MICROSCOPIC - A-level work @ Highcrest Academy - based on mould, cells and Petri dishes.