Have you got your Christmas cards sorted yet? If not, how about making your own?DIY Christmas Cards - potato printing cuteness | MollyMoo

DIY Christmas Cards - potato printed snowman

Only crazed. Thanks Do you have branches in your yard after the ice storm? Save some and make these for next year.

DIY: Etched Snowflake Ornaments in Birch. Each year we cut off the end of our real Christmas tree (after New Years typically), and then make an ornament for the next winter season!

Xmas written in wood rounds. Wood Burn the letters in the rounds.

{An Over The Edge} Christmas Series- Final Edition!

Snowman Potato Printing | A fun Winter craft for kids! #pioneersettler

Snowman potato printing- a fun Winter craft for kids Potato painting reminds me of my grandmom have to do this with Liam!

Potato print wrapping paper, gold leaves, Gardenista, love the little cones as decoration

DIY: Wrapping Paper Made by Your Kids

Last year the kids and I made our first homemade wrapping paper using potato stamps. This year we refined the process with cookie cutters. Read the complete how-to on (yeh, you guessed it) Gardenista. supplies Step one: cut potato Step […]

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