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Ummm... How did they do the eye?<<<<photoshop darling, photoshop

<<I hate and love to admit it, but it's probably because sometimes animals eyes can have a true pupil and iris, but sometimes they can be pitch black (Randomness_Explodes)<< daaaawwww

five nights at freddy's, fnaf, and fnaf 4 image

Five nights at Freddy's SpringTrap is still my favorite animatronic, but I love how this game is in the perspective of a young kid. FNAF/Five nights . He hates you.

You don't have to be afraid / FNaF SL by Mizuki-T-A

Drawing mechanical things is really fun for me. So I love CB's pizza world. There are a lot of machines, eerie artificial lights, and cold irons. You don't have to be afraid / FNaF SL

I am starting to see it everywhere. 9.6 And I love it

My face when I went into Gamestop somewhat recently and saw how much FNaF merch they have.

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FNAF posters - I'm always like this when I'm trying to leave school but everyone does this same exact thing, LITERALLY