P | 質感・金属質

Light Sparkle: the light reflects and sparkles off the metal in this image


holland-paper-biennial-2010 - Once Wed

Maroc photo - mosaïque de Turquoise, photographie d'art impression signée

Quality image that will bring some style and color to your space limited edition Moroccan turquoise tile original

Texture. I chose this pin because wood's texture is amazing.

Inspired by the rings in an old growth tree, this elegant design brings the tones and elegance of the natural world into the home. Note: Shedding is common with new wool rugs and will diminish over time.

liquid gold texture

Golden Wallpaper, swirls into each curve. This kind of design seems to be my strongest background idea to build upon.

Mammatus clouds

~Silk pouches~ or mammatus cloud display on 26 June 2011 Nebraska. The sky exploding for min's after sunset in c/o brettnickeson.