Remember only one phone in the house? Party lines?

When the phone rang you didn't know who was calling until you answered. Also - we had 'party lines', so you had to wait until your neighbor was off the phone before you could make a call.

SuperGran. I can still remember the words to the theme tune (sung by Billy Connelly I think)

A kid who lived near me was in it so we HAD to watch it. Can still sing the theme tune!

Gold Mine Bubble Gum

Eating The Daisies: Retro, Blue Ribbon Stockings

I used to see these hanging up in Woolworths

Jacko Monkey

Jacko Monkey was a gorgeous monkey that was made by Chad Valley I think. It was easily one of my favourite toys in the early and I still ha.

Playing in the Dirt...we all loved it!

Playing in the Dirt.we all loved it! Playing in the dirt was my hobby :D Making mud pies, finding rose quartz, worms and so on.

Playground horse manufactured by Wicksteed

Playground rocking horse, another of my favourite playground apparatuses.

My dad made one of these trolleys for my brother & I. It even had a piece of carpet on the seat - very sophisticated!

Three planks of wood, a seat, 4 pram wheels and a piece of thick rope. A friend made one - absolutely lethal