Dentyne gum - the red one tasted gorgeous, my all-time favourite gum, chum!

Old Vintage Dentyne Gum Packs. I used to get through packs of the red, cinnamon flavoured Dentyne gum :)

one quarter moisturising cream...!

Camay soap - used to copy the advert and wash one side of my face in Camay and the other side in a normal soap! Remember the ad?

sun light detergent

Sun Light Dishwashing Soap, I remember they sent out free samples in the mail. Some people got sick because they drank it thinking it was lemon juice.

Rowntree's "Dairy Box" vintage chocolate tin - half pound size (c.1930s-50s)…remember these well.....

Rowntree s Dairy Box vintage chocolate tin - half pound size c SOLD A c vintage Rowntree s of York Dairy Box chocolate

Vintage Fireworks Packaging

Vintage Fireworks Packaging

Independence day is never complete without a fireworks display. That is why we are going back in time and look at some really cool vintage fireworks packaging

Horrible stuff!- my Grandad wouldn't use anything else!

zz Izal Medicated Toilet Tissue - two unused vintage rolls of lavatory paper SOLD