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two women dressed in costumes one holding a flower and the other pointing at something
I was too lazy to do a background lol This idea randomly popped in to my head at 2 AM 😌🤲💖 ✨ #art #digitalart #baldursgate3 #bg3… | Instagram
a close up of a creature with red and yellow paint on it's face
Maat 🐯🍉 | workin on commissions (@maatdraws) on X
Maat 🐯🩸🗡️ /workin on commissions/ on X: "i know i was going with the white/black/red colors for my dragonlady Sekhmet but GODS THOSE ??!!! i'm going a little insane with the colors options with the lizards" / X
an image of two people sitting on a roof looking out at the cityscape
bg3 shadowzel
Dresses, Dark Urge, Girl Boss, Dungeons And Dragons, The Darkest
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