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a cell phone holder made out of jeans with a gold bottle in the back pocket
Make it: Denim Wine Bags - recycled
Western wine bag...
the floor is made up of wooden planks and has metal rivets on it
upcycled flooring – Interior Surface
Leather belt recycled flooring
a chandelier with several lights hanging from it
Ethical Luxury: Recondsier what is perceived as important and valuable. Thierry Jeannot's chandelier are made from discarded plastic drinking bottles that havebeen sourced from waste dumps in Mexico City collected by the unemployed and disabled offering an ethical home based employment. Not visible as waste plastic, the chandeliers are reminiscent of Murano glass or exquisite crystal
there are many glasses on top of the table
Ethics: M&J - Ethical Luxury
When your M&J London soy wax candles melt away "upcycle" your 100% recycled glass. Nothing is wasted !
a lamp sitting on top of a stack of books in front of a white background
Vintage Book Upcycled Lamp
Vintage Book Upcycled Lamp
a chandelier with tea cups and beads hanging from it's centerpiece
Tea Cup Chandelier
three miniature photos are placed on top of a wooden stand
Weekend Project
DIY: vintage wooden spool photo holders
Great way to recycle jeans.  The bigger the jeans, the bigger the bag. Jeans Repurposed, Celana Jins, Corak Menjahit, Diy Sac, Denim Projects
Bags from rags
Great way to recycle jeans. The bigger the jeans, the bigger the bag.
a window sill filled with lots of green plants and bottles hanging from it's sides
Hydroponic window garden
Homegrown veggies all winter long. Vertical garden made with reclaimed wine bottles. I like.
a hanger with beads hanging from it's side and a tag that says unique necklace displays
Commission for Sarah
garden rake necklace holder
three shelves with vases and flowers on them, one is made out of pallets
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Salvage wood with mason jar vases/containers
three glasses filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
Ethical Luxury
Pimms Anyone? Enjoying a summer with the upcycled -100% recycled European glass tumblers. Great way to enjoy your glasses after the soy candles have melted away. http://www.mj-london.com/
two glasses filled with ice and lemon on top of a wooden table next to a window
Ethical Luxury
Upcyling the glasses with Gin and Tonics perfect way to start the weekend ! Who knew Upcylng could be so refreshing All glasses are made from 100% recycled European glass. http://www.mj-london.com/
a kitchen with an island made out of old doors and wood planks in the center
Modern & Contemporary Furniture | Modern Home Decor
was old door - now kitchen island Great idea for using these terrific old, and very historical old doors. I have done this many times. As a matter of fact my kitchen table is made of an old door and I have a coffee table made of and old door. I love them!!