Andrea Costantini: Very fascinating way of representing culture, through a persons looks and  hometown

Andrea Costantini (INAG

A Level Art portraiture development

How to be successful and enjoy your A Level Art Exam

Analysis of artist work to help inform and develop own ideas - by Naomi Ng from Sha Tin College

People in the City: Stunning IB Artwork

This article features the Higher Level Investigation Workbook IWB and Studio Work of Naomi Ng, completed as part of her IB Visual Arts Diploma Programme at Sha Tin College. Naomi gained Level 7 overall.

Artist Ewing Paddock's three-year project of making paintings of people in the London Underground

Artist Ewing Paddock's paintings of people on the London Underground

IB Visual Arts: PP Asssessment Criteria

IB Visual Arts: PP Asssessment Criteria

How to get a 7 in Art - The Arts - IB Survival

Art is a very wishy-washy subject. For most subjects, it is pretty self-explanatory on how to get a perfect But I always hear that people very rarely get.

Visual Arts Workbook Guidance - The Arts - IB Survival

IB Visual Arts Workbook GuidanceOne of the biggest problems I have seen students encounter in their and with IB Visual Arts is their workbooks.