Again by Henry Moore but the style of drawing is more similar to mine. Also i like drawings of hands.

TECHNICAL DRAWING: This drawing is called Again by artist Henry Moore. I am not to sure what the medium used in this but it kind of looks like pen but in saying that I like the way he has used cross hatching to define the drawing of the his own hands.

paper bag drawing

50+ Still life drawing ideas for Art students

Pencil drawing of paper bags in a card board material. The different surface helps communicate the texture of the image. Great line work and shading to illustrate the texture in the paper bags.

Marloes Duyker

Marloes Duyker - use of thread and fabrick to create lines, texture and bold areas of pattern/colour

Mark Demsteader   Leanne X

Mark Demsteader Leanne X - Mark Demsteader (b is a British figurative artist.

Henry Moore sketchbooks. During WWII there was verv little call for large scale sculpture. The pages of his sketchbooks of this period show that he was full of ideas for abstract sculptures that would make use of organic and natural forms rather than pure geometrical shapes.

Henry Moore, Drawings for Sculpture. Pencil, pen and ink, chalk and watercolor on paper.

GREAT to teach negative and positive spaces!!! **Giorgio Morandi, Still life with Vases on a Table, 1931

Giorgio Morandi, Still life with Vases on a Table, 1931 - art project ideas - school