children's book cover by Aurelie Guillerey

Simple vector drawing with pen tool and a cool limitted palette -children's book cover by Aurelie Guillerey

Noah's Ark vintage children's book

Lesson Inspiration to do a layered painting with maybe a cut-out paper ark to stick on top at this kind of scale, from an illustration from "Noah's Ark" by Miche Wynants for Harcourt, Brace & World. via Vintage Childrens Books My Kid Loves

Children’s Books in Poland: The 1960s - 50 Watts

Children’s Books in Poland: The Second in a series of posts highlighting the Polish children's book collection of Aleksandra & Daniel Mizieliński, aka Hipopotam

Amy Adele

UK illustrator Amy Adele Seymour has been accepted into a masters in illustration program. (via uppercasegallery)


From Rapunzel to The Little Red Riding Hood, Beloved Children’s Classics as Minimalist Posters

*Minimalist Fairy Tale Posters* With just a single image, designer Christian Jackson manages to retell a classic children’s fairy tale, from Pinocchio to the Pied Piper.

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