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I saw a great website yesterday that offers a golf swing test. It was created for golfers who want to find out if they have a swing fault that is preventing them from hitting the ball straighter, further and more consistently. If you're interested, then you should take this golf test too because you might just learn a thing or two that can help you improve your golf swing, which may also improve your golf game. >>> See this great writeup.

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MK's 5 All Sports Exercises - Close-grip bench press. Works the chest, triceps and shoulders. As a tip, as you lift imagine you're pressing your upper back into the bench.

Ayurveda Massage/ Energy Points.

press your chosen energy centre with your index or middle finger for 10 seconds, then relax and repeat. You can slowly rotate or pulse the pressure of your fingers at each location for deeper effect. I honestly believe the stress one.