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UK  ·  Historical and science fiction author of The Battle of Watling Street. Read the first two chapters free:
Margaret McGoverne
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Though the sun shone brightly upon our intrepid fliers, something dark lay hidden, and only through deep musings could it be revealed--

Lovecraft inspired art

I think Jérome Huguenin Rough Magicks cover is one of my favourite Cthulhu RPG illustrations. As it happens, Pelgrane Press has it and two others for sale

Propnomicon: The Innsmouth Look

Artist Russ Lukich brings us this full sized denizen of Innsmouth. It was one of the featured pieces at the Conjoined 3 Art Show at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica.

Five facts you need to know about starlings! Click the pin to find out more.  Birds, nature, UK, starlings, RSPB, beautiful, photography, art, colourful, illustration, wings, colour, animals, gardens spring, summer, pictures, trees, branches

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