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Creative Thinking and Century Learning. Task draw an architecture drawing that reflects the worksheet. client wants a single level building with 8 trees etc For G&T or fast finishers students to create a model of architecture drawing

AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2012 - Inter 1 - Vere van Gool

Home is where the harvester is! Vere van Gool –––––– AA School of Architecture Vere van Gool Intermediate Unit 1 Professors : Mark Campbell - Stewart Do.

An Architecture Student's Visual and Philosophical Musings. It could be cut paper.

student sketch line represent travels of me and friends journeys. must intersected point do detailed etching. develop this outcome from the cut out maps and using ruler to imitate the lines

Chris Dove - Partially rendered elevation.

stylised elevation - Project Niitsitapi Calgary, Canada January 2015 Project Niitsitapi was a 24 hour entry into a competition that aimed to create new ideas on public space. Based in Calgary, Canada, the competition.

Studio Hadid Vienna

Syntactic Sensations - Diploma project by Daniel Zakharyan - studio Zaha Hadid - Vienna:

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