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Followers “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”― Isabella Beeton A modern take on ‘Mrs Beeton’s Household Management.’ A guide to making jam; growing vegetables, managing a household budget or holding a baby shower. A catalog of lists and hopefully, just as ‘Mrs Beeton’s’ was, an illustration of the time and place it was written. If you would like to submit an idea for me to try out please email Website:

Ladybug's Landing: Label Glue Remover Label Glue Remover 2 Tbsp Baking Soda 2 Tbsp Olive Oil tsp Salt Verdict: made a very small bit to take off label gunk on a plastic plate. Took a little elbow grease but yes, it works! Deep Cleaning Tips, Cleaning Recipes, House Cleaning Tips, Natural Cleaning Products, Cleaning Solutions, Cleaning Hacks, Cleaning Supplies, How To Remove Glue, Remove Labels

Label Glue Remover

I like to re-use containers when I can, especially glass jars, but the glue used to keep labels on usually leaves some residue that can be...

My husband’s takeaway pizza recipe – the modern mrs beeton Eat Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pizza Dough, Pizza Shapes, Margarita Pizza, Dough Ingredients, How To Make Jam, Chilli Flakes, Spice Mixes

My husband’s takeaway pizza recipe

My husband and I have a serious problem with eating pizza. It started when we were dating and he took me to Pizza Hut in the UK and introduced to me the simplicity of very good margarita pizzas. Before then I'd had the odd takeway pizza and really just ate the most debated pizza Hawaiian!…

Mrs Beeton’s Bread Recipe – the modern mrs beeton Standard Recipe, Bread Tin, Bread Ingredients, How To Make Jam, Growing Vegetables, Bread Baking, Bread Recipes, Banana Bread, Homemade

Mrs Beeton’s Bread Recipe

Baking bread is definitely something I haven't mastered yet. I was about to start another attempt and thought I'd have a look at what Mrs Beeton said. I guess unsurprisingly as bread has been around for such a long time that her recipe is not that far from current standard recipes. That being said it's…

June’s Favourites – the modern mrs beeton Windermere, Lake District, Growing Vegetables, Great View, Wander, Beautiful Places, June, Outdoor Structures, Modern

June’s Favourites

This month's favourites are a real mix of a lovely pub we found; some makeup and a real obsession/problem I have with a particular food. For our friend's 30th birthday we visited the Lake District which is such a beautiful place anyway but whilst wandering the streets of Bowness on Lake Windermere we found this…

Testing Microwave Angry Mama (easy cleaner) – the modern mrs beeton Household Budget, How To Make Jam, Growing Vegetables, Microwave, Cleaning, Easy, Modern, Microwave Oven, Planting Vegetables

Testing Microwave Angry Mama (easy cleaner)

The cutest new accessory to join our kitchen this week is Angry Mama which is a microwave cleaning tool that makes cleaning your microwave actually fun. It's absolutely a gimmick but if anything encourages me to clean anything in my life I will take it. So you take her head off... yes I did say…

Home brewing tequila lime beer – the modern mrs beeton Elderflower Champagne, Lime Beer, How To Make Jam, Growing Vegetables, Home Brewing, Tequila, Glass Bottles, Alcohol, Modern

Home brewing tequila lime beer

Today's attempt is definitely not a recipe as such but a fun attempt at making our own beer. I'm hoping to get to a point whereby I can try out different hops and recipes but thought it best to start at the beginning. Previously I'd bought a basic beer kit to make Elderflower champagne -…

Slow Cooker Super Easy Chilli – the modern mrs beeton Slow Cooker Chilli, Slow Cooker Recipes, Easy Chilli, Chilli Paste, Mince Meat, How To Make Jam, Chilli Flakes, Really Cool Stuff, Super Easy

Slow Cooker Super Easy Chilli

Inspiration this week came from an social media request to do a slow cooker chilli. I've tried quite a few slow cooker recipes recently and it's really nice to use it again as it's so practical. At the bottom of the blog I've included a link to one that's fairly similar to mine. On slow…

Tarragon Chicken Pasta for lunchboxes – the modern mrs beeton Tarragon Chicken, Olive Oil Cup, Cold Lunches, Canned Heat, How To Make Jam, Recipe Please, Chicken Pasta, Growing Vegetables, Pasta Salad

Tarragon Chicken Pasta for lunchboxes

In an attempt to be good by not spending lots of money in my work canteen I'm working on collecting up recipes to take for my lunch at work. If you have any good recipes please do send them through to me to try. I can heat things up but do prefer the simplicity of…

Healthy Chicken Kebabs – the modern mrs beeton Chicken And Vegetables, Growing Vegetables, Spanish Chicken, How To Make Jam, Kebabs, Healthy Chicken, Spicy, Bbq, Tasty

Healthy Chicken Kebabs

Not really a recipe; more an assembly of ingredients but always lovely and super tasty. I think I started eating chicken kebabs on holiday in European countries like Greece and Portugal. The novelty value of the stick was I think was tempted me. Now I just love the charring you can get on the meat…

Lamb stew and homemade dumplings in a slow cooker – the modern mrs beeton Homemade Dumplings, Dumpling Recipe, Peeling Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Guiness Beer, Lamb Stew, How To Make Jam, Growing Vegetables, Slow Cooker

Lamb stew and homemade dumplings in a slow cooker

This is the first time I've ever made homemade dumplings and I have to say I am completely in love them. Granted I absolutely underestimated how big these get after they've been steamed so if you try this I'd recommend one large or two small person. It does however now completely make sense that this…

Buffalo Honey ‘copycat’ Boneless wings – the modern mrs beeton Wings Restaurant, Wingstop, Boneless Wings, Batter Mix, How To Make Jam, Buffalo Wings, Growing Vegetables, Copycat, Honey

Buffalo Honey ‘copycat’ Boneless wings

Have you ever been to America and eaten the boneless buffalo wings in any of their famous restaurants? Myself and my husband literally adore them. Here's a recent review I did of a 'Wingstop' that we stumbled across in central London and that's the closest we could get to recreating the experience. That experience…

My ultimate tip for making pasta sauces – the modern mrs beeton How To Make Jam, Pasta Sauces, Evening Meals, Fajitas, Growing Vegetables, Spicy, Beef, Modern, Tips

My ultimate tip for making pasta sauces

Not a recipe but more of a tip that we now do every single time we make a pasta sauce or in fact a lot of other sauces but it'll make more sense in the first instance with pasta. We randomly received a free jar of jalapenos (three large ones to be exact) and were…

Homemade Cat Treats (Tuna & Catnip) – the modern mrs beeton Jam Jar Labels, How To Make Jam, Cat Treats, Growing Vegetables, Cat Food, Tuna, Food Processor Recipes, Homemade, Cats

Homemade Cat Treats (Tuna & Catnip)

We spend a lot of money on treats for our lovely cat Molly moo. Picture for you: She's a gorgeous short haired tortoiseshell. I'm not overly precious about what I eat but I do care what she eats as it's not like she can decide she doesn't like or is allergic to things to and…

Send Me Recipes – the modern mrs beeton Household Budget, How To Make Jam, Holding Baby, Send Me, Growing Vegetables, My Recipes, Christmas Ornaments, Holiday Decor, Modern

Send Me Recipes

If you'd like to send me ideas to try or recommendations please send through below and I'll try my best to get them done and share my results. Thank you!

Homemade Burgers – the modern mrs beeton A Food, Good Food, Homemade Burgers, How To Make Jam, Food Challenge, Ground Meat, Spice Mixes, Growing Vegetables, Food Processor Recipes

Homemade Burgers

This week I finally managed to make the simplest and best burgers I've ever made before. Myself and my husband are not into very elaborate and expensive burgers. We have our own burger rankings and like to classify new burgers we try across the world. Making a burger therefore is an interesting recipe challenge.…

Additional content in ebook or paper form – the modern mrs beeton Elderflower Champagne, Household Budget, Holding Baby, Content, Paper, Modern, Blog, Blogging

Additional content in ebook or paper form

If you'd like to read some more from The Modern Mrs Beeton I've started publishing my blogs in part form, just as the original Isabella Beeton did. Each part contains around 40 different blogs in the areas of cooking; cleaning, gardening, crafting, and organising. Part 1: Managing a budget; and how to clean anything with baby wipes. Making…