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an architectural drawing shows the various sections of a building's roof and its surrounding walls
Tin ceilings, Wood panel ceilings, Fabric-covered ceilings, Stretched fabric ceilings
Tray ceilings Coffered ceilings Suspended ceilings Recessed ceilings Cove ceilings Beam ceilings Exposed beam ceilings Vaulted ceilings Cathedral ceilings Sloped ceilings Drop ceilings Floating ceilings Curved ceilings Slatted ceilings Soffit ceilings Planked ceilings Tin ceilings Wood panel ceilings Fabric-covered ceilings Stretched fabric ceilings Acoustic ceilings LED strip lighting ceilings Fiber optic ceilings Starry night ceilings Skylights in ceilings
the inside and outside view of a building with an arch in it, as well as another
Ceiling Details -6
a wooden chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor in an empty room with white walls
Note Design Studio draws on Swedish Grace style for Habitat 100 apartment
an architectural drawing shows the inside of a building with arches and windows, as well as text that reads
Ceiling Details -3
an architectural drawing shows the details of a building's interior and exterior structure, including staircases
Trockenbauelement mit indirekter Beleuchtung nach außen
Das Trockenbauelement aus Rigips erzeugt moderne Schattenfugen, in der zur indirekten Beleuchtung auch Gardinen integriert werden können.
an empty room with white walls and black numbers on the floor, as well as arrows pointing in different directions
the corner of a white painted ceiling with decorative molding
DM3011 Grape Vine Coving - Vine Grape Victorian Coving
the corner of a room with some white lines on the ceiling and one light fixture
Ceiling coving Scotia Art deco DM1924 160mm
the corner of a room with a light fixture on it's ceiling and an open window
Art deco Coving/ Art deco Cornice
a bed sitting next to a window in a bedroom under a skylight on top of a wooden floor
首发 | 岳蒙:家的契合艺术!