its very narrow looking

another amazing skylight/window treatment Jane Duncan Architects in Amersham - Extensions / Alterations - Great Missenden - Contemporary facelift

Its cool because it shows us where the wall is breaking(vocal point)

Erika Hock, Gebeugt, The installation shows a force developing enough energy to break down a wall little by little.

I like this because its a very big one and plain

by Coosje Van Bruggen en Claes Oldenburg i choose this piece of art because i like how he made the shutle coks look so real and because i like badminton by cedric.

I like this because its awesome how vertical it is.

Silence - Modern Bronze Sculpture - Homage to S. Dali, signed, bronze and handmade. Buy it now at Bronze Shop.

i like this one because its design is very formal

Moderne Bronzeskulptur - Die Trauer - signiert M. Klein