its very narrow looking

another amazing skylight/window treatment Jane Duncan Architects in Amersham - Extensions / Alterations - Great Missenden - Contemporary facelift

Its cool because it shows us where the wall is breaking(vocal point)

Erika Hock, Gebeugt, The installation shows a force developing enough energy to break down a wall little by little.

Its very cool because it shows its made out of aluminum or sliver texture

Julia Dault is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. We really dig her iridescent rainbow work!

i like this one because its cool how the design looks and with the stairs following through

designed by studio pei zhu, the minsheng contemporary art museum exists in contrast to ‘white cube’ galleries, configured as a series of diverse spaces.

I like this because its a very big one and plain

by Coosje Van Bruggen en Claes Oldenburg i choose this piece of art because i like how he made the shutle coks look so real and because i like badminton by cedric.

I like this because its awesome how vertical it is.

Silence - Modern Bronze Sculpture - Homage to S. Dali, signed, bronze and handmade. Buy it now at Bronze Shop.

i like this one because its design is very formal

Moderne Bronzeskulptur - Die Trauer - signiert M. Klein

i like this one because its design is very formal