In front of the fire in the kitchen. Not in the 50s but as late as the 70s in our little 2 up 2 down.

how many old family photos do you have with a child in a galvanized tub outdoors? I have some of my kids playing in one.

Outside loo

Outside toilet.My nan & grandad had one just like this. Spotlessly clean, smelling of Lifeguard disinfectant.and freezing cold in the colder months!

Wooden Clothes horse We used to make it into a tent by adding an old curtain.

Wooden Clothes horse We used to make would use our to make a tent draping old utility issue grey blankets and sheets over the topt (that was in the days before duvets so we all had blankets)

Vintage Hand Washing Laundry Wooden Sprung Wash Tongs Circa 1950s Dolly Tub/Twin Tub Boil Wash #FollowVintage

Item - Vintage Wooden Sprung Wash Tongs Circa as used for removing clothes from boiling hot water especially loved by the owners of twin tubs

Working Class life in the 1940’s - Wash Day. Dolly & Dolly Tub

Working Class Life in the 1940s - Wash Day

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