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an image of red paint that looks like it has been dyed with dark purple dye
Jason Martin | Tunis (2015) | Available for Sale | Artsy
an abstract black and white photo with squares
FELDBUSCHWIESNER | Christiane Feser | Partition 06, 2013 Three-dimensional photo object Framed Archival Inkjet Pigment Print 110x 80 cm
an abstract black background with hexagonal shapes
- leManoosh
a black and white photo of a cracked wall
City Sanctuary - Inspirational spaces
th2Studio | Our City Sanctuary inspiration | Monochrome texture
three pieces of white marble sitting on top of a gray floor next to each other
Marble coffee tables by Jens Fager. Minimal design in black white and marble. I want one of these tables in my living room.
an abstract painting with black and white colors
Faded colors and black board walls
Vosgesparis: Faded colors and black board walls
an image of black and white squares in the middle of each other's rectangles
Joachim Bandau - Patricia Sweetow Gallery
Joachim Bandau watercolour 2013
an abstract black and white photo with lines
Artemis Dreaming
30-1-2012, 2012, watercolour on paper Joachim Bandau Nicholas Metivier Gallery HERE