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three paper cut designs on top of each other
Paper engineer: Yoshinobu Miyamoto | Desktop
Paper engineer: Yoshinobu Miyamoto
a white paper cut out of leaves on a wall with the shape of a flower
Fine Art - Paper Cut Works | Chrysanthemum
Cut paper
a mosaic tile wall with writing on it and many other tiles in the back ground
(detail) Jennifer Bowes, Beyond Surrender, 2013. Paper weaving wall grid, 14' x 8'. From the exhibition They Made A Day Be A Day Here, on view at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie from June 7 - August 25, 2013.
a large piece of art made out of small pieces of paper
Paper Art –
a piece of paper that has been cut into triangles and placed on the wall with scissors
Lisa Rodden
step by step instructions to make origami stars
DIY Origami Star Garland
how to make origami stars from
several different shapes and sizes of seashells in various stages of development, including the scallop shell
Gallery of Folded Bamboo + Paper House / Ming Tang - 2
Gallery of Folded Bamboo + Paper House / Ming Tang - 2
four different types of rings made out of wood and wire, each with an intricate design
Paper Crave - Page 25 of 799 - A Blog for Paper Lovers
Amazing! paper artist Andrea Russo's paper folding and origami work.
a multicolored piece of art hanging on the wall with strings attached to it
Paper Party Fade Rainbow by Bonnie Gammill Mixed Paper on Wood Panel 12” x 24”
a multicolored paper plate sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
vortex coil quilling
the white paper has circles drawn on it
Edition gyre für Porrentruy — Franziska Furter
Franziska Furter | Gyre, 2012 | Monotype, embossing on paper
an abstract painting with red, black and white lines on it's side by itself
Zen Matrix Collage of found and rice paper with ink 11"x14" artist. Gailene St.Amand