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a living room with two chairs, a table and a rug in front of the window
First thing I'm proud of.... Tortoise Table
an outdoor area with a blue wooden table and green planter on the ground, next to a brick building
Outdoor tortoise enclosure!
a fish tank in front of a mirror on the wall next to a dresser with rocks
DIY Projects
Dresser remodeled into reptile habitat
the garden is full of plants and rocks
Outdoor tortoise enclosure Version 2.0!!!
Here is a photographic tour of our outdoor tortoise yard - the expanded version! More space is always better for tortoises...
a man is holding a miniature house made out of rocks and sticks with his hands
Here's How to Make an Adorable Fairy Garden Well
adding crank to miniature well #fairygardening
there are two pictures one has a bird house and the other has rocks in it
The WHOot
The Sweetest Stone Fairy House Ideas | The WHOot