"Center of Attention" by Lynne Prestebak Description: Abstract macro shot of peeling paint

#distressed peeling plaster walls

What a beautiful house! I'd love to take an old house and restore it some day. The thing above the door is beautiful


Print and texture inspiration. Love the fsuion of orange, black and white

Beautiful decay...

Curvy's Abandoned Church in HDR - Detroit, Michigan 003 Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church of Detroit built in 1908 and affectionately known as St. Abandoned for over 10 years, it is now being remodeled. Hope in Detroit.

abstract decay

Abstract Decay - An abstract close-up of the numbering on the side of a decaying, old-fashioned petrol pump. The Green Album

beautiful abstract decay

A detailed close-up of the decaying, rusting side of an old-fashioned petrol pump.

urban decay

CITYSCAPES as Beautiful Scenery - Online art and photography contest. Even in the down-and-out areas with urban decay, there is beauty to be found.