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Miranda - Stevie: If I had to rate myself, hips thighs breasts Miranda: sounds like one of my KFC orders

miranda hart i love you so much

Miranda Hart i love you so much. And Dominic Coleman makes my heart sing in this episode. SO funny!

Miranda Hart. We're basically the same person. <3

But that was just one incident involving a rogue crème brûlée torch, and it's very unlikely to happen twice. I do this every time someone says what's the worse that can happen

Miranda Hart Show

Miranda's Keep Calm quote! So many life lessons from this wonderful TV Series. Thank you, Brits!

Miranda hart.

I was watching Miranda. The next episode came on as I saw this pin and the intro to the episode was this. Its, what I call, a coincidence.

Miranda Hart !

Taken from that time when Miranda and Stevie pretended to be lesbians to stop Penny from pressuring her into finding a man.