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Every Chip Bag

Every chip bag in the store. I always try to feel for the bag that has the most chips.

HAHA! So wanna do this.

This is such an awesome idea! Pretend you are invisible! Just a little prank for strangers.

So very true

Take a picture of yourself after looking in the mirror to know the truth.

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True my sis nd I had a huge argument on this.guess who won.this guy that's right I won

Loll yes. It's funny tho. Especially my 5th grade social studies teacher. She stopped even attempting. Once she drew the Alamo and it looked like a wedge of cheese and the whole class laughed.

my teacher always says she isn't an artist then proceeds to draw a perfectly detailed, shaded and everything else picture, with just a marker. She says her mom was an art teacher.

And there's still that little part of you that desperately hopes against hope to itself, "M-MAYBE THE AUDIO IS D-D-DISTORTING IT OR SOMETHING?!"

Teenager Posts / hahaha yeah I hate my voice its horable no lie :(

Teenager post

SO TRUE! My dad said when I got my first car he would buy me a little windshield wiper for that little triangle bc that bugs me sooo much!

So disappointing when this happens

then right as you get back to your chair, it rings again!