I think that black has overtaken my love for white in backgrounds.

This shot communicates a lot of emotion through a melancholy colour scheme and a high key lighting technique showing a model with a somber facial expression. The use of a long exposure and a flash creates the illusion of multiple faces.

human trafficking. God help these people. What a heartbreaking photo.

Sunflowers in the Dark: A Poem Regarding Human Trafficking, Including 7 Horrific Facts, and Music4Freedom

Human trafficking hurts many people that are looking for a better life. Most woman used and sold in the black markets for sex and other things. Human trafficking is everywhere not just in poor country it effects millions of people every year

Der Nebel umfängt mich. Verschleichert meinen Verstand. Kann ich jemals…

Something about being drunk and sad and still partying reminds me of drowning. Maybe there's a way to capture that in an abstract location?

Sometimes in order to help He makes us cry. Happy the eye that sheds tears for…

40 Captivating Photos That Depict Human Emotion

The photographer is a man from Turkey, who identifies himself as "Taykut". This particular image captures true sadness, and doesn't give the impression of being staged.

Martin O'Neil | Cut Up...

Martin O'Neil Cut Up portraits; could communicate fade/loss; transformation of who you are into who you could be; have the pieces re-gather in an upside down version, maybe a photo of the person younger then who they are now

Dissected faces that are juxtaposed, meshed and become one with the garments…

I'm loving these sliced and diced fashion collages by fashion photographer Damien Blottiere. Each figure is layered and in motion as if a Cubist had turned into a stylist for some of the leading fashion publications in the world.

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The Digital Glamour of Marcelo Monreal

“I know a 'face' where the wild thyme blows, Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows, Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine, With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.” William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Digital Collages by Marcelo Monreal

Digital Collages by Marcelo Monreal

Collages by Marcelo MonrealFaces (Un)bonded is a surreal series of collages signed by Marcelo Monreal (born a digital collage artist from Brazil.

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The Digital Glamour of Marcelo Monreal

We are enjoying the (UN) Bonded Project of collages by Marcelo Monreal, mainly because we too get a little bored of the typical fashion shoot.

photo by Joseph Tran (march 2012) didn't give a name. "Just sav" Xian Mikol?

This Is What Your Eyes Tell Others About Your Hidden Emotions

Guardian & know me.& I told her camly. & known me for a long time.& I continued. She looked at me scaredly.& She cried, reaching for her nearest weapon.