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Mondrian® external doors create a beautiful industrial aesthetic that allows light to floor the internal living spaces. Steel framed glazing are now highly…
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an empty patio with chairs and tables in front of a black building that has glass doors
Barn-Inspired Rustic Home Extension With Steel Framed Glazing
Recycled bricks, corrugated cladding and oak flooring were used to build this barn-inspired extension. Steel framed glazing complements the surrounding brickwork and keeps in with the overall aesthetic of the extension. Visit the Mondrian Glazing website today for more information on steel-framed glazing.
the front entrance to a building with glass doors and brick walkway leading up to it
Steel Framed Belgium Doors in a Luxury Countryside Wedding Venue - More Information on Our Website
Double opening steel doors have been used to provide multiple access points between the indoor and outdoor areas of the venue, with flush thresholds to allow step-free travel. The same glazing bar design is used across the doors, windows and fixed elements of glazing for a coherent finish. Visit the Mondiran Glazing website for more informaiton.
an old brick building with two doors open to let in some light on the outside
Grade II Listed Building with Contemporary Steel Framed Doors and Large Glass Panels
This Grade II listed repurposed mill has a #contemporary steel framed glazing installation. The large #glassdoor panels allow for natural light to flow into the building contrastic the #historic design of the building.
a large white house with a wooden door
Mondrian Steel Exterior Windows with Vintage, Art Deco Glazing Bars
Kewferry house went through #renovations to create this #contemporary #steelframed glazing design. The #steel-framed #windows span the entryway of the home, allowing natural #light to flow into the property. The bottom row of #glass is deliberately misty to maintain #privacy whilst being a perfect substitute for a wall.
a large white house sitting on the side of a lush green field next to a tree
Woodstock Road
Mondrian #steelframedexternaldoors were installed to the ground floor rear kitchen of this property. The #steeldoors were designed in a steel #Belgiandoor configuration to create a beautiful indoor #outdoorliving aesthetic. #steelframeddoors #steeldoors #steelbelgiandoors #architecture #architecturaldesign #modernhomes #industrialdesign #industrialdoors #industrialinternaldoors Photographer: Eleanor Walpole. Architects: HollandGreen Architecture & Interiors
a long hallway with black and white rugs on the floor next to two doors
Mondrian #externaldoors were installed to Castelnau to continue the traditional #ArtDeco style
Mondrian #externaldoors were installed to Castelnau to continue the traditional Art Deco style seen throughout the #interiordesign of the property. These #steelframeddoors allow an abundance of light to flood into the property to create light-filled living spaces. #architecturaldesign #architecturedaily #mondrian #windows #doors #contemporaryarchitecture #slimsteelframes Photo: Darren Chung. Architect: Creative Mass
an empty kitchen with skylights and white cabinets
Steel framed doors were installed to this #kitchendesign to create a contemporary aesthetic to the #interiordesign. The dark tones of the steel frames juxtapose the light colours used on the walls, flooring and kitchen cabinetry. The criss crossing design of the #steelframeddoors frame the view of the garden that the steel frames lead out onto. #steelframedglazing #steelframedwindows #steelframeddoors #glassinternaldoors #internaldoorglazing #steelframedglass
an open glass door leading to a dining room and kitchen area with white chairs, wood table and windows
Woodstock Road
Create a beautifully wide open aperture with a trendy #industrialstyle design with a #Belgiumdoor configuration using the Mondrian® systems. The elegant framing creates a simplistic yet #ArtDecoglazing design to modern properties. Steel framed Mondrian® glazing was installed to this property to create the trendy aesthetic that flowed both inside and outside the home. #bauhausglazing #artdecowindows #artdecodoors #steelframeddoors #steelframedwindows #modernarchitecture #trendyarchitecture
a dining room table and chairs in front of large windows
Home owners are looking to renovate their homes more and more as the motion of 'Don't move improve'. These homeowners renovated their home which saw Mondrian® #steelframeddoors installed to their kitchen, diner and living space. The three external Mondrian® doors lead out onto the homeowners large #landscapedgardens. #steelframedwindows #steelframeddoors #steelframeddoubledoors #patiodoors #steelframedpatiodoors #patiodoubledoors #steelcasementdoors #steelfrenchdoors
the inside of a restaurant with wooden tables and chairs, glass walls, and skylights
Mondrian® Glazing | Steel Industrial Style Glazing | Modern
Mondrian® external #steelframedglazing offers a traditional design aesthetic however, the Mondrian® thermally broken systems offer incredibly high levels of thermal performance. These #steelframeddoors were installed within a glass wall design which allowed light to flood through to the building, offering an #indooroutdoorliving environment. #steelframedglazing #steelframedwindows #industrialstyleglazing #artdecostyleglazing #artdecowindows
an outdoor dining area with glass walls and wooden flooring, surrounded by potted plants
Thermally Broken | Mondrian® Glazing | Steel Industrial Style
Mondrian® #externaldoors bring the homeowner closer to their outdoor living space as the elegantly thin frames allows large panes of glass to be utilised within the design. To read more about our thermally broken external doors click here >
an open kitchen with marble counter tops and white walls, along with large windows that look out onto the backyard
Thermally Broken | Mondrian® Glazing | Steel Industrial Style
These Mondrian® external doors offer high levels of thermal performance while providing a beautiful on-trend architectural design. Steel framed doors give a traditional aesthetic to properties, at this home the dark tones of the steel frames are accentuated by the interior design. Recreate this look with the Mondrian® thermally broken frames. Photography: Alexander James. Architect: MW Architects.#steelframedglazing #steelframedwindows #steelframeddoors #steelframedglass #industrialstyleglazing
an empty room with large windows looking out at the water and mountains in the distance
CWS-85 | Mondrian® Glazing | Steel Industrial Style Glazing
Large stunning steel framed pivot doors with amazing external views
a brick building with many windows and bushes
Steel Look Bifolding Doors | Mondrian® Glazing | Steel
External steel look doors installed to a listed hotel.
the inside of a large building with lots of windows
Thermally Broken | Mondrian® Glazing | Steel Industrial Style
This building saw the installation of a series of large steel framed Mondrian® windows including one with a rotating glass door included within the design. These steel framed Mondrian® windows add a highly sophisticated finish to the internal and external appearance of the building while allow a vast amount of light to flood into the internal spaces.