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Mondrian offers a wide range of internal glass doors with steel frames including internal glass pivot doors, internal glass sliding doors, steel-framed casement…
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a vase with flowers sitting on top of a table in front of a doorway and stairs
Modern London Home Extension With Steel-Framed Internal Glass Doors From Mondrian Glazing
Duble opening steal framed glass doors are the entrance point of this stunning London home extension. Steps lead from the internal steel framed glass doors down into the new living area, where there is a large kitchen-diner space with a contemporary design. To the right you can see a bit of the sofa in the new lounge space. Visit the Mondrian Glazing websit etodya for more infomation.
a vase with flowers sitting on top of a table in front of a doorway and stairs
Contemporary Rear Extension in London With Steel Framed Internal Glass Doors from Mondrian Glazing
A stunning kitchen-diner space in a modern home extension in London. All the internal building finishes and furnishings are either black, white, grey or wood. The wood brings character and depth to the mostly monochromatic interior design. There is an internal Mondrian Glazing double door arrangement that leads from the extension to the rest of the home. Visit the Mondrian glazing website for more information on steel-framed internal glazing.
a kitchen table with chairs around it and a sink in the backround area
Double Opening Steel Framed Internal Glass Casement Doors from Mondrian Glazing
This stunningly modern rear extension on a London family home uses a monochromatic colour scheme with wooden accents to add character and depth to the home. Double opening internal glass doors with slim steel framing from Mondrian Glazing connect the new living space and the existing home. Visit the Mondrian Glazing website today for more information.
an office hallway with glass doors and white walls
Steel Framed Internal Glass Door in a Modern Office - Visit the Mondrian Glazing Website
Non-thermally broken steel systems can be used for internal applications or on projects where thermal insulation is not a factor. Our range of non-thermally broken steel windows and doors offer you the same minimal frame design as traditional Art Deco framing but in elegant welded systems symbolising the very highest levels of luxury and design. Visit the Mondrian Glazing website for more information.
a staircase leading up to an entry door
Traditional and Elegant Family Home with Steel Framed Internal Glass Door - More Info on Our Site
Mondrian's range of steel framed internal glass doors signify intricate high-end interior design with a host of design options available for even the most discerning of clients. Whether you are looking for a sliding door to divide an open plan living area or some steel-framed partitions for a modern office design, our range of internal steel framed doors will offer you a luxury finish. Visit the Mondrian Glazing website today for more information.
the interior of an office building with wood floors and glass doors that lead into another room
Internal Glass Screen With Slim Steel Framing - Visit Our Website For More Information
Divide your spaces in style with a steel-framed glass partition from Mondrian®. Our elegant steel profiles are easily able to be engineered to create bespoke glass screens to any size or shape of the opening. Visit the Mondrian Glazing website today for more information.
a black and white door with glass panels in a room that is being remodeled by the owner
Steel Framed Internal Glass Casement Door With Fire Rated Glazing and Applied Glazing Bars
This internal glass fire rated door uses EI30 fire rated glazing and appllied glazing bars were used to maintian the steel look design without oreventing the fire rated glass form working. This systems was designed and installed by Mondrian Glazing's partner, IQ Glass. For more information head to the Mondrian Glazing website today.
an office hallway with wooden floors and glass partitions on the walls, leading to another room
Slim Steel Internal Glass Doors With Steel Framed Fixed Glazing - More Info on the Mondrian Website
This sliding door system is ‘top hung’ meaning that the welded steel frame is held on a top rail. This configuration means that no base frame is required, allowing floor finished to continue between areas seamlessly. Perfect for industrial style interiors or loft apartments. Read more about our steel framed internal glass doors on the Mondrian Glazing website.
an open glass door leading to a kitchen and dining room area with white tile flooring
Internal Glass Pivot Door With Slim Frame - Visit the Mondrian Glazing Website For More Info
Steel door systems are an acknowledged favourite among architects, especially when their purpose is to create a remarkable contribution to the character and overall aesthetic of a building. This home uses a slim framed internal pivot door to create a broken plan living design where natural light is able to flow through into the hallway. Visit the Mondrian Glazing website for more information.
a wine cellar with many bottles in it's glass doors, and stairs leading up to the second floor
Interior steel-framed partition, wine storage
This wine storage is designed with steel-framed partitions and doors to break up space whilst allowing natural night into the area. The dark RAL colour of the steel was chosen to match the interior design of the room.
an empty room with glass walls and doors
Internal commercial Box partition - visit our website for more details
This box partition is designed to break up the space, allowing light to still flow through the area whilst preventing sound pollution. The black colour was chosen to match the design of the building and is perfect for office spaces that want to preserve light but have designated rooms for meetings or quiet work areas.
an empty room with glass doors and stairs
Steel Framed Interior Commercial Doors - visit our website for more information
These black steel interior doors were installed at a commercial project in charlotte street. the colour of the steel complements the overall colour scheme of the building, allowing for a professional contemporary appearance. The use of steel framing allows for large panes of glass and smaller, less visible sightlines.