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Tie Dye Name Towel
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • Tie dye kit • White towel • Duct tape
Difficulty: Easy This was a HUGE hit with my kids and also so easy to make!🙌🏻 MATERIALS used: • 👉🏻 Toiletpaper rolls • (Our colored rolls are from @hobbylobby) • 👉🏻 Clear tape • 👉🏻 Scissors • 👉🏻 Permanent markers 👉🏻 🔦 Flashlight HOW TO: • 👉🏻 Cover one end of the toilerpaper roll with a piece of box tape • 👉🏻 Draw any picture with permanent markers on the tape • 👉🏻 Trim the edges with a scissor • 👉🏻 Go to a dark area/room • 👉🏻 Cover the open end with a flashlight and shine the images on a clear area/wall •
This is one of our favorite activities! #mom #momhack #toddleractivities #lifehack