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Here are blog posts and articles about our round the world trip as a family of 4.

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Hoi An, Vietnam with kids: bicycles, lanterns and boats. Hanoi Vietnam, Vietnam Travel, Round The World Trip, Hoi An, Small Island, Yum Yum Chicken, Lanterns, Old Things, Table Lamp


Stepping out of Ho Chi Minh city into Hoi An was how Alice must have felt when she fell down the rabbit hole. It seemed disorientating and confusing to suddenly be in a place where beauty reigned and the pace slowed. At first we couldn't quite believe it- walking through the streets were

Anarchy in the ranks: rules to live by when travelling long term as a family. Family Of 4, Family Life, Round The World Trip, Anarchy, Travelling, This Is Us, Princess Zelda, Live, Fictional Characters


We don’t have any rules because we are on a perpetual holiday. We live a carefree, hedonistic existence free from societal restraints and pressure of work and school. Obviously. However, if I was to try and live a manageable family life, we might have a few things that we ha

Kanchanaburi, Bangkok and Chiangmai, Thailand with kids. Railways, birthdays and jungle adventures. Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, Hot And Humid, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Times Square, Thailand, Birthdays, Facts


Songkran was immense and we love Bangkok, but it was getting hot and humid.

Awful Offal and moonlit mountains: Kathmandu and volunteering in Nepal with kids. Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, Nepal, Kids Playing, Moonlight, Mountains, Children Play, Bergen


Having a goat slaughtered in our honour was a definite first. Our first day on our Workaway volunteer placement began at Heaven Hill Community School that is perched on the edge of a mountain. Hawks swooped below us whilst the kids played football and danced to their version of 'wake and shake'. Ev

Conflict and resolutions: relationships on the road during long term travel. Long Flight Tips, Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, International Travel Tips, Long Flights, Hotel Deals, Beach Trip, Budget Travel, Grand Canyon


We don't do school runs...So I foolishly and optimistically thought that i'd no longer start each day with screaming at the kids to put their shoes on. A psychologist friend was surprised when she found out that there was anything but calm joy in our family. But she was reassured- there is theory i

 Rafting and trekking the Himalayas in Nepal with kids. Trek The Himalayas, Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, Mountain High, Rafting, Nepal, Trekking, Mount Everest, This Is Us


Ten years ago, I did a three day Poon Hill trek and loved it. No, that's a bit too simplistic- I loved FINISHING it whilst the almighty BURN in my thighs actually made me cry quite a bit.

Rajasthan and Northern India and why it didn't work for us. Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, This Is Us, Louvre, India, Mansions, Country, House Styles, Building


India is a place you are supposed to LOVE if you are a seasoned traveller. It's seen as a weakness to let this country beat you, once it has thrown down the challenge and bated you with its promise of curry for breakfast and lovely brightly coloured saris. Did we ever really stand a chance, goin

14 hours in Dubai with kids- for free. Abu Dhabi, Round The World Trip, Visit Dubai, Great British, Burj Khalifa, Willis Tower, City, Gold, Free


We managed to be the only people to go to Dubai and spend £15. Yes, that's right 15 Great British Pounds all in.

18 things that surprised me about the USA. Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, Surprise Me, This Is Us, Christian, Usa, America, U.s. States


1 . There are churches everywhere- it really is a very Christian country, yet there are also PSYCHICS everywhere. I thought this was weird. 2 . Survivalists exist, and theres a lot of them in Arizona.

20 things that surprised me about Mexico. Round The World Trip, Surprise Me, Mexico


1. Not so surprising I guess but there is COLOUR everywhere! On everything, why have beige when you can have rainbows? Our guide told us, as we drove out of Mexico City that people paint their houses the colour of their chosen political party... I'm not sure if this is true everywhere, but

Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico) with kids. Teotihuacan, wrestling and Frida Khalo Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, Slums, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, This Is Us, Wrestling, Adventure, Vacation


What do you know about Mexico City? Probably as much as we did, before we got here. Something about slums, bandits and cartels, right? Firstly, it was quite cold and rainy. It is at a high altitude of 2250 metres which meant it was welcome relief following the humid heat of Puerto Vallarta (you can

22 things that surprised me about Belize. Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, Surprise Me, Snorkelling, West Midlands, Belize, Belize City


1. Belize is the same size as Wales with the population of the West Midlands. 2. It is also home to the second largest Barrier Reef in the world which stretches down the entire coast and is incredibly healthy. We thought previous snorkelling trips were good, but this place blasted it out the wate

Exploring cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, Tree Roots, Underworld, Fresh Water, Exploring, This Is Us, Mexico, Explore


There is a reason that the ancient Mayans believed Cenotes to be the entrance to the Underworld. They are limestone sinkholes that have been filled with freshwater, often enclosed in dark foreboding caves with stalactites and tree roots reaching down eerily towards the water. M

 A bit like in Mexico but without the spice- with chicken and chips on every menu. Round The World Trip, Family Of 4, Surprise Me, Central America, This Is Us, Mexico, River, Outdoor, Outdoors


1. The food is basically meat, carb with tortilla on the side. A bit like in Mexico but without the spice- with chicken and chips on every menu.

 How we did it with kids and got the most out of it. Round The World Trip, Mexico City, Rubber Rain Boots, Combat Boots, Museum, Kids, Fashion, Frida Kahlo, Young Children


is Frida Kahlo a figure that would interest children? Sure she is, she is a total bad-ass of historical proportions. Frida lived a passionate life full to the brim of colour and talent that her life was a work of art as much as well, her art. And guess what? She was al

Sharks, Parks and Route Our 11 day road trip to Santa Cruz, San Fransisco, Yosemite National Park, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon with 2 kids. Yosemite National Park, National Parks, Great American Road Trip, Round The World Trip, Road Trip With Kids, San Fransisco, Route 66, Central America, Sharks

Sharks, Parks and Route 66. Our great American road trip.

We were always going to come to LA- just as a stepping stone to Central America if nothing else. Then our friends decided to emigrate here and offered us a lovely house with pool for the month, we had to do it really, didn't we? The first thing we did was book a car and loosely plan a road trip up