110+ mason jar projects curated by Design Dreams by Anne via HomeTalk

Mason jars galore! DIY features and a link party on mason jar projects

110 Ways to Decorate with Mason Jars — lamp, candle, storage, and decor ideas galore! I LOVE mason jar idea for my wedding

Draw these things: 1. a pattern 2. an animal 3. your favorite thing to wear 4. something you found on the ground outside 5. recipe instructions 6. a word 7. an insect 8. a cross section 9. an animal doing something only humans can do 10. something in a jar 11. a diagram 12. something you’re afraid of 13. a plant 14. your favorite food 15. something microscopic

15 Day Drawing Challenge

Draw these things: a pattern an animal your favorite thing to wear something you found on the ground outside recipe instructions a word an insect a

Fabric Scrap DIY Projects - The Cottage Market

Fabric Scrap DIY Projects

Fabric Scrap DIY Projects - The Cottage Market How to twist fabric into twine!

This almond and cherry baked cheesecake is a heavenly marriage of two amazing desserts

Bakewell cheesecake

Waw les beaux galets!

Forest Colours Set of 3 Painted Rocks / Aboriginal Dot Art / Painted stone / Acrylic Painting / ornaments / paper weights / green decor

Photo a day challenge lists: see them all here - Fat Mum Slim

Photo a day challenge lists: see them all here

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April Photo A Day Challenge. For 2014, but on the 20th I'll do an Easter basket. Since I don't draw well.

April photo a day list! Give each of your kids a disposable camera to take everywhere with them in April Take a photo each day in April and at the end of the month print off the pictures and make one big picture of them!

May Photo a Day

Are you ready for a month of photo-taking fun? Here is the Photo a Day May list by Fat Mum Slim :) photo-ideas-for-future

february 2013 photo a day prompt list

The February 2013 Photo-a-Day list ( has been released by FatMumSlim. [Side note: I still hate that she removed the month from the hashtag & add it on anyway so it’s

wish I had seen this darn it next year

Photo A Day Challenge - seems like a fun idea. Might mix this up a bit and do a challenge for the kids in the month they were born! They will have a whole birthday month of fun pictures of them.

June Instagram Photo a Day Challenge

fat mum slim: Photo a day June challenge list! I totally feel off task once "mum" appeared in May. I can't wait to do this again in June. JOIN ME!