great article about creating treasure baskets for young ones

Article about creating treasure baskets for young ones, like Montessori infant treasure baskets, using real objects and no plastic.

discovery boxes for babies and toddlers

I like the way these treasure baskets are materials focused. Helps the child to compare and contrast objects Treasure Baskets - put little collections in baskets.

Montessori infant/toddler treasure baskets

Baby and Infant Treasure Baskets / sensory baskets, Montessori inspired. List and links to various treasure basket ideas from "Chalkboards To Strollers"

Treasure basket of un-toys for babies

treasure baskets for babies

What are the best toys for babies? A treasure basket filled with interesting items from around the home can provide your baby with lots of shapes, textures and sizes to explore.

Never too early to introduce the math concept of shapes through play exploration.

Baby Play: Circles Treasure Basket

The Imagination Tree: Baby Play: Circles Treasure Basket - Grandson loved it. WE had fun playing together while he was just a few months old!

Treasure Basket: Red

You know me and my love of themes. :) I couldn't resist making a treasure basket for each color - here are red, orange, and yellow.

treasure basket

Heuristic Play- Treasure Baskets

Heuristic Play- Treasure Baskets - The Imagination to make treasure baskets for babies & toddlers