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Autumn transient art! A simple but inviting idea! #eyfs #earlyyears #autumn #fall #aceearlyyears #transientart


We're lucky to have a horse chestnut tree growing in our outside area. The children have recently been enjoying collecting the fallen conkers, breaking them open and using them in the mud kitchen. We...

Car ramps
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Car ramps

Tree branch painting from Deana Andrews-Dillon
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Tree branch painting from Deana Andrews-Dillon

DIY table top chalkboard combiend with loose parts for lots of creativity!

Chalkboard and Loose Parts!

A simple DIY chalkboard and some loose parts make for lots of creativity, learning and chalkboard play

Children love using mortar and pestles!!
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:: pestle and mortar ::

I recently went to visit "The Wonder of Learning: The Hundred Languages of Children" Reggio Emilia exhibit held at Chicago's Columbia Colle...

rock painting activity
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To the Lesson!

Offerings from the world of a Montessori teacher.

Invitations for learning: A place to start. Sketching flowers


Invitations for learning: A place to start! Tree invitation created by Kim Briand. Invitations for learning (often called "provocations") are a great place to begin inquiry-based learning and pedagogical documentation. An invitation for learning is usually set out by the educator team to intrigue or entice the students for further exploration and investigation. Since students are invited to learn, not all of them may be interested. To make the learning visible, educators can document it by…