Poet-Tree Corner. Great space for students to read, relax and learn!   Features: Fadeless® Reclaimed Brick, Fadeless® Wispy Clouds, Pacon® Natural Kraft Wrapping Paper, Tru-Ray® Construction Paper, Bordette® Borders, Pacon® Anchor Charts and Classroom Keepers®.

Great space for students to read relax and learn Features Fadeless Reclaimed Brick Fadeless Wispy Clouds Pacon Natural Kraft Wrapping Paper Tru-Ray Construction Paper Bordette Borders Pacon Anchor Charts and Classroom Keepers.

Book area signpost - perhaps not relevany but really fun

What’s in My Teacher’s Bag {Making Inferences

Milk Crate Book Storage and Reading Bench: one for Soren's room and one for @Stephanie Close Bishop and @Meredith Dlatt Grace's apartment!

DIY Ideas With Milk Crates or Wooden Crates

What a beautiful 'home corner' at Seacoast Waldorf School (",)

A magic tree fort indoors, from Sunflower Preschool ≈≈ The tree branches and lights make this a very inviting space

Book bunting! I made mine by photocopying the cover x2 and sticking them back to back, sandwiching ribbon between the two, before leaving a save and sticking on the next one.  Very effective in the cloakroom area and a conversation starter between children and adults alike.

Book cover banner - great use for all of those hardcover dust jackets. This would be the ideal reason to sort book covers by color, make it seasonal.

Cellophane roof                                                                                                                                                                                 More

noticing colour mixing in the small world area as the light shines through the red, blue & yellow cellophane - from Rachel (",) This would be a great for Fort Magic!

Great for a reading nook in the play room

Seuss Chair Makeover - turn trash to treasure! Cute for a childs playroom or reading nook

I did this once in my boys room, but made a sea of fish instead!!  This would look super amazing in a classroom to!  Lisa Leray xoxox

~**If I were to put this in my house, I'd have it a reading room, with a door, but no lock (so no one will get locked in)__I did this once in my boys room, but made a sea of fish instead! This would look super amazing in a classroom to!

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