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VW Split Screen Camper, Camshaft lamp.

The camshaft is the heart of the engine, it holds together all of that wonderful VW Engineering, that powers the funky VW along. This Retro Camshaft lamp Made from a genuine VW Camper engine Camshaft with a solid oak waxed base made to resemble a cam.

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POLISHED Corvette camshaft lamp table/desk car

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These are piston clocks made from recycled Chevy Pistons from 350 (5.7L) engines. they are from different eras and may have a slightly different look from piston to piston (some have riser tabs on the sides of the piston/base). They are sandblasted or hand cleaned (clear only), powder coated, and a clock insert is added. One of these clocks will look great in your office, garage, or man-cave! Please feel free to ask any questions about colors or size. The first photo has orange, green…

We have a lamp made from some repurposed automotive parts that have been cleaned and clear coated to protect the natural patina. Lamp shade not included. Please feel free to message with any questions!

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