alma haser <3

Alma Haser prints out portraits of people, folds them into a complex origami shape, places the shape back on top of the face, and re-photographs it in her "Cosmetic Surgery" series. Uncanny valley much?

"The White Sky"

☼ Midday Visions ☼ dreamy light & white art & photography - "The White Sky", Stefano Bonazzi

Surreal Photography by Leszek Bujnowski

Surreal Photography by Leszek Bujnowski

Nice idea for a performer, too. Try with a piano key launching the singer, with a singer's face as the focal point, with color in the sheer dress of the singer, etc.

Zev is a photographer and artist from Natick, Massachusetts. Under the moniker of Fiddle Oak, Zev creates amazing miniature worlds for his subjects. Using digital photo manipulat.


Hasselblad Masters Book - Evolve photo series by Bara Prasilova. Bara Prasilova is a fashion and fine art photographer as well as art director based in Pra

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