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Ruby Cup at

menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads

Diva Cup at

The Diva Cup is a reusable menstrual cup that is clean, easy to use and can be worn up to hours. It is also eco-friendly by saving tons of menstrual products from going to landfill!

Womb Wraps - Moon Times Moon Blog

Welcome to Cherishing Woman, home of Cherishing Clothing based in Devon

Ask Aunt Flo.....Coming off the Pill..... | Moon Times Moon BlogMoon Times Moon Blog

coming off the pill, natural contraception, cycle charting

Moon Sponge & Panty Liner 'Kit'

Moon Sponge & Panty Liner 'Kit' a healthy alternative to commercial tampons, these work well.

Moon Sponge Gift Set

Moon Sponge Gift Set

With this story, dear reader, I hope You understand what it is to be a Woman of the Red Tent. We are empowered, wise Women of great strength. We make Change with a simple breath, and we re-member our very cells returning to Being in the Real World when we are willing.

Each month I hold the Space for Women in the Red Tent. Its a Sacred Space, filled with Woman's stories and laughter, successes and tears.