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I wore these to tennis lessons.

pom pom socks -- I could never keep a pair of these intact! For some reason I always ripped the pom pom off one of the socks EVERY time!

THE scent of the 70s People knew it was me when I walked by, I used to spray it in my hair...ahhh!

Musk is sex. Musk is clean. Musk is dirty. Musk is a promise of pleasure and connection. Musk is gag-inducing. Musk is sweet. Musk is a natural smell and yet all of these seven musk oils are synthe…

Paint with water books. Loved them!

Paint with water books, so hard to find now a days too! - I still have this book and let my kids paint in it - the Gingham Girls Paint with Water (vs)

Crissy Ad, I had one of these but her hair kept getting tangled :( used to spend hours trying to sort out her 'bad hair day'

I had the Crissy doll. Her hair would "grow" longer and retract to be shorter. One of my favorite dolls!