12. The Complete Series Box Set

Destiny of the Doctor: Complete Series CD Box Set For the anniversary of Doctor Who, Big Finish Productions has produced a special range of audiobooks each focusing on one of the eleven Doctors.

13. The Complete Adventure

Doctor Who Audio Book: Destiny of the Doctor Buy the complete series!

11. The Time Machine

The Time Machine: Starring Jenna Coleman as Clara

10. Death's Deal

Death's Deal: Starring Catherine Tate as Donna

9. Night of the Whisper

Night of the Whisper was the ninth release of the Destiny of the Doctor audio series, produced.

7. Shockwave

Shockwave - part seven of "Destiny of The Doctor". An audio adventure produced by Big Finish and Audio Go.

6. Trouble in Paradise

- Destiny of the Doctor: Trouble in Paradise - Narrated by Nicola Bryant. A story that takes place when Columbus first makes it to the Americas. A truly unexpected baddie. Weird, but fun and well done.