The Doctors - Time and Space Collection

The Doctors - Time and Space Collection

Dr. Tenth - Christmas Surprise!

Dr. Tenth - Christmas Surprise!

Dr. Ninth

Dr. Ninth

Dr. Eighth

Dr. Eighth

Dr. Twelfth

Puffin Books will next year release a series of Dr Who books written and illustrated in the style of Mr Men.

Dr. Eleventh

Doctor Who: Dr. Eleventh (Roger Hargreaves) (Roger Hargreaves Doctor Who)

Dr. Fourth

Inspired by online fanart, BBC Worldwide and Sanrio Global have teamed up to produce a Mr Men/Doctor Who crossover series of books that everyone is sure to love. The books will retell the adventures of the Doctor's 12 incarnations in the late Roger H

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'Dr Who'  Tom Baker    1974-1981  (The 4th & best Dr Who)

My favorite Dr. Tom Baker as the Doctor (Doctor Who). That scarf! Tom Baker appears at end of Day Of Doctor 50 TH Anniversary Movie November 2013 Tom Baker the time-travelling Doctor from Gallifrey,

Doctor Who; The Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart of U.N.I.T.! (Nicholas Courtney)

The Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) companion of the second doctor.

The Doctor! Watched with Simon & Vic all the time.

Tom Baker one if my fav Doctors. I found the knitting pattern for his scarf! Whovian love to you Doctor!

January 1970

"Radio Times" presents Jon Pertwee as the third Dr. Who (Radio Times Cover, Jan

Nightmare In Silk Cut

cool behind the scenes doctor who vintage set photography , cyberman on a smoke break , funny real life surreal photo for scifi geeks, big bang lovers and dr.

Sarah Jane and the Doctor

My very favorite companion from the classic series, Sarah Jane Smith, with the Third Doctor, and they MATCH! So sweet.