7.11. The Apocalypse Mirror

The Apocalypse Mirror - Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles

7.06. The Child

The Child: Starring Louise Jameson as Leela

10.0. The Second Doctor Volume 01

Free Audiobook – The Mouthless Dead (Science Fiction, Drama & Plays)

8.08. The Sleeping City

The Sleeping City - Doctor Who - The Collected Doctor

11.0. The First Doctor Volume 02

The Companion Chronicles: The First Doctor Volume 2 (Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles)

9.0. The First Doctor Volume 01

The First Doctor, Volume Starring Carole Ann Ford as Susan, Maureen O' Brien as Vicki and Peter Purves as Steven.

8.12. Second Chances

Second Chances (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles):

8.11. The Elixir of Doom

The Elixir of Doom - Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles